Booth Seating Options to Maximise your Restaurant Seating

banquette seating

Money! It may not be the only reason you opened your restaurant or café, but let’s face it, if the money isn’t coming in then it’s hard to keep going. And to get money you need more customers seated. And to get more customers seated, you need banquette seating.

So if maximising comfortable seating capacity is your goal, then booth seating is a must. Getting high quality commercial booths is one thing, but getting booths that fit perfectly into your space, are comfortable and match your décor is tough. That’s why we offer customised options (checkout this blog by Serenity Made on customising your banquette seating). But most booths (not all though) fit neatly into one of these 5 types. So look at your space and work out what combination of the following is likely to best suit your needs

1. Simple Straight Banquette Seating

This is your basic, straight piece. It can be used as a stand alone piece backed up to a wall or as a middle/connector piece for more elaborate designs. They can be placed back to back for a deli style look or at corners.

2. Double Sided Booth

The double sided booth is the perfect design for small diners with small group eating. By creating a line of these, with the end pieces as simple straight booths, you can really utilise a lot of space. As an alternative to chair options they are also good because they mean people can sit back to back without banging heads, and they don’t get moved around clogging up walk space.

Diner booth seat

3. Corner Booth

The corner booth speaks for itself…if you have a corner and want to fill it up, stick a booth In it! Getting multiple chairs in a corner with a table can be difficult and uncomfortable so the appeal of this solution is clear. With the corner, a nice square table can also then be utilised for maximum effect.

4. Inverted Corner Banquette Seat

The inverted corner banquette seat is a fantastic space saver. If you have a corner sticking out that you want to seat around, having booth seating that wraps around the corner can really get you a few more seats. Done with a nice booth with fancy fabric and can also bring the wall to life.

5. Circular Booth Seating

Circular booth seating can be catered to your size requirements and space. Half or partial circle booths can look quite fancy. Moreover, the structural cases between them can be used for a huge range of things including storage, holding plants or other decorative items, or even placing mini-buffets. The downside of these is they tend to need a lot of space or the right shaped area.

There you have it, a few nice options for your café or restaurant. Remember that we are the booth specialists so if you have your own designs or needs just let us know and we can work to bring it to life!

*featured image from Serenity Made project