About Us



Commercial Furniture is an Australian owned furniture supplier servicing Australian and New Zealand clients. Although our showroom is on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, we ship all over Australia.

Before the inception of Commercial Furniture, we spent years working and developing with our range of manufacturers. These relationships built the core for what is now the brightest new hospitality furniture supplier in Australia.

What do these relationships mean for you? They mean that we have opened-up foreign markets for you, providing a better price-point and better design range while allowing the security of dealing within Australia.

If budget is important to you but you don’t want to sacrifice quality or style, then Commercial Furniture is your best choice!



Commercial Furniture is an office and hospitality furniture wholesaler. We work with our clients to provide the best furniture for their project. We believe that high-quality is just the starting point in today’s competitive hospitality environment. Venues must bring to the field a unique style and vision to stand out from their competition and that is what we provide!

Because every project is unique, our services include a range of shipping options, including shipping directly to your door. Talk to us today to discover how flexible we really are.




Making you stand out is how we stand out!

Your project is unique. You have a vision in your mind of how it will look. You have ideas about the colours, the textures and the themes. So when you choose hospitality furniture straight off the shelf, you are compromising that vision, that uniqueness. That is why our clients come to us.

Commercial Furniture can customise your furniture, even your standard items. Develop an industrial style with galvanised metal legs and timber stools, a high-end look with velvet armchairs, brass rimmed tables and Italian leather, or a pink booth with matching cushions and white marble tables for a quaint cafe…the choices are endless!

Come and talk to us directly or send us your requirements, either way you won’t be disappointed. Making you stand out is how we stand out!